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170 Brisbane Roar Laulud & amp; Jalgpalli laulu

1286 Who Are We? Brisbane! Sung at the beginning of every game, between when the players come out and kick off. Gets the crowd going Esitusloendi
1628 Clive Palmer Is Fat Clive Palmer is fat
1694 Here's to You Brisbane Football Club Sung at pre-season Esitusloendi
1943 We Are the Army, the Orange Army 'avin a go at our bitter rivals
1982 Follow You Forever More Sung at every Brisbane Roar game Esitusloendi
2390 Brisbane Boys Up in the Den De de de de... Esitusloendi
3087 Just Can't Get Enough du dudududududu... Esitusloendi
3569 Solorzano Sung when Solorzano scores - see Youtube
3764 Queenslander Made famous in State Of Origin rugby league tussle between NSW and QLD
3984 Can You Hear the Gold Coast Sing? Bad Gold Coast support Esitusloendi
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4651 One Man Went to Lift Clive Palmer Fatty Clive Palmer
4681 Wings of an Eagle Coasties Esitusloendi
5348 You're in My Heart Brisbane Roar in our hearts
5738 When the Roar Go Marching in A general chant sung when the Brisbane Roar are playing
5747 Carry On We hate you all (Ed: nice:) )
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